Schertz Sweetheart Court Pageants

San Antonio Roses Entertainment contracted with the City of Schertz, Texas to produce their annual Miss Sweetheart Court Pageant from 2010 to 2019. San Antonio Roses Entertainment’s responsibilities included choreography, music editing, judging software, and coordinating the stage crew on pageant night.

Sweetheart Court Pageant 2010
Miss Schertz: Nicole Elliot
Miss Liberty: Lillian Miese
Miss Friendly City: Mia Lopez
Miss Freedom: Sarah Corder
Miss Sunshine: Danica Mathis
Miss Tri-County: Larissa Gruell

Sweetheart Court Pageant 2011
Miss Schertz: Caitlin Baumgarten
Miss Liberty: Kayley Carter
Miss Friendly City: Emily Poole
Miss Sunshine: Tabitha Joseph

Sweetheart Court Pageant 2012
Miss Schertz: Kylie Middleton
Miss Jubilee: Alyssa Burnet
Miss Friendly City: Katie Gibbons

Sweetheart Court Pageant 2013
Miss Schertz: Katie Gibbons
Miss Jubilee: Sydney Fischer
Miss Friendly City: Ariel Villarreal

Sweetheart Court Pageant 2014
Miss Schertz: Kiana Leal
Miss Jubilee: Elena Garcia
Miss Friendly City: Sydney Fischer
Miss Sunshine: Megan Rhoads

Sweetheart Court Pageant 2015
Miss Schertz: Morgan Gaitan
Miss Jubilee: Regina Deason
Miss Friendly City: Sydney Fischer
Miss Sunshine: Ellie Kate Gorman

Sweetheart Court Pageant 2016
Miss Schertz: Sydney Fischer
Miss Jubilee: Ashley Poerner
Miss Friendly City: Corinne Mittelstadt
Miss Sunshine: Regina Deason

Sweetheart Court Pageant 2017
Miss Schertz: Corinne Mittelstadt
Miss Jubilee: Karla Sanchez
Miss Friendly City: Ashley Roerner
Miss Sunshine: Trinity Monteverdi

Sweetheart Court Pageant 2018
Miss Schertz: Halle Klinge
Miss Jubilee: Bridgid Krbec
Miss Friendly City: Megan Morales
Miss Sunshine: Olivia Coats

Sweetheart Court Pageant 2019
Miss Schertz: Megan Morales
Miss Jubilee: Kylyn Gillespie
Miss Friendly City: Sarah Vazquez
Miss Sunshine: Olivia Coats