Fiesta Flambeau Parade

The Lightning were on hand for Fiesta San Antonio’s final parade of the year.  The cheerleaders made their way across downtown San Antonio riding a 1952 fire truck from the Texas Transportation Museum.  The length of this years parade made up for the canceled River Parade.  Thanks to the San Antonio Thunder members for assisting with the crowd and thanks to the Josephine Theater for providing the sound system.

In Photos: Alice Neaves, Amanda Gonzales, Brenda Valdez, Cathy Moreno, Christa Arocha, Cynthia Trinidad (Director), Erica Anquiano, Janera Smith, Janice Green, January Ragland, Jennifer Gonzales, Jennifer Martin, Juliette Rodriguez, Katrina Tymrak, Kelley Carraway, Megan Cruz-Noriega (Assistant Director), Misty Carpenter, Monica Albertius, Nicole Macharro, Tonya Tomnbay, Vanessa Jones (Choreographer)