Lilly R> - 2008 San Antonio Roses

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Birthday: February 26
Height: 5'-2"
Home Town: San Juan, TX
Former High School: PSJA High School
College: University of the Incarnate Word
Major: Business
Dance Background: I've danced drill team all throughout middle school and high school
Hobbies: Dancing, Texting, Shopping, Sleeping

Color: Pink
Food: Sushi
Artist: Dido, Al Green, Rascal Flatts
TV Show: Everybody Loves Raymond
Movie: Last of the Mohicans
Perfume: Curious by Brittney Spears
Cereal: Capn' Crunch with Berries

My Hero Is: My parents for sure.  They have supported and provided me the best they can and I love them!

Three words that best describe me: Care-free, Goofy, Dreamer

Best Advice: With every breakdown there's a breakthrough.

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