Eliva R. - 2008 San Antonio Roses

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Birthday: January 23
Height: 5'-2"
Home Town: Progreso, TX
Former High School: South Texas High School for the Health Professions
College: University of Texas at San Antonio
Major: Kinesiology with a specialization in Exercise Science
Hobbies: Dancing, Running, Cooking, Baking, Crafts, Swimming

Color: Too Many
Food: Chicken
Artist: Sugarland
Song: Baby Girl - Sugarland
Movie: Friday Night Lights
Perfume: Burberry

My Heros Are: My parents.  They have given me so much to help my accomplish my goals.  They have never given up on me.

Three words that best describe me: Determined, Outgoing, Will-Powered

Best Advice: Why wait for the rain to pass, when you can just run through it.

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